It’s easy to become monotonous when setting up a trade booth. Keeping it safe sometimes makes you boring. A few exciting ideas will give life to your trade show display.


Trade Show Displays Ideas That Will Have People Looking

Customer engagement is key for any trade show booth to have a successful outcome, otherwise, you’ll be standing there for hours just watching people passing by. Everything, from the trade show graphics to the way your staff interacts with customers, plays an important role in the results of your exhibit.

trade show booths in ColoradoLooks Matter

It might sound vain but in the world of trade show displays, this statement is completely accurate. Trade show displays can end up being quite plain, sometimes. However, you want your audience to feel drawn into your booth and what you offer, and to achieve that, you need a good looking booth. So, first things first. Get yourself some amazing trade show graphics that make stopping by your booth an offer no one can resist.

Use Technology as You See Fit

Customers enjoy technology. In fact, they are attracted to it. Give it some thought and if you consider adding technology to your trade show display would serve you well, go ahead and include it. Videos can be really efficient in engaging with people. Set up a screen, or even better a touchscreen, or a tablet and use it to showcase your favorite services and products.

Turn Your Staff into One-of-a-Kind Hosts

Often times, attendees come to trade shows in auto-pilot. They wonder around without actually paying attention or knowing where they want to go next. Make sure your staff is trained to seize those opportunities in an organic way; you never want to come off as too aggressive but if they’re not being acknowledged, they will walk away.

Find the Best Trade Show Displays in Colorado

You only get one chance at a first impression. Being memorable right off the bat is a good thing when it comes to trade show booths and at Summit Custom Signs, we specialize in creating trade show graphics that will set you apart. Great materials, great design, all in one place. Get a free estimate for your next trade show display today.

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