When you decide you need to put up a sign for your business, you can’t just put in anywhere. Location can make or break your sign.

Boost the Effectiveness of Your Sign with Proper Placement

Yes, location is everything. You can have the most amazing, high-quality sign but putting it up in the wrong place can completely defeat the purpose of it. Good design, great quality, and ideal placement equal sign success. Before you decide to put it up in just any corner, consider these tips to ensure your sign is as effective as you intend it to be.

Think Like Your Audience

If you were part of your target audience, where would it interest you to see a sign for your business? Put yourself in their shoes, make sure you understand what your target market is like and what it wants. Your number one goal here is to place the sign somewhere that is relevant to your audience.

Strategic sign placementStrategic Placement is Key

If you already scouted locations and have some ideas in mind, take a look around the areas you like and analyze whether other signs in the area are getting an appropriate amount of attention. Studying visibility and exposure is essential when you’re trying to place a sign in a valuable location. Your strategy to place your sign should revolve around the type of audience you want to address. For example, for people passing by in the street, you’ll generate a bigger impact by placing your sign at eye level, rather than on the side of a building.

Sign Installation is One of Our Specialities

Once you’ve settled on a great location, you’re ready to install your sign. At Summit Custom Signs we can help you install new signs wherever you want. Let us help you put your best face forward. Talk to us about your project and request a free estimate today.

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