Plan your way to success this holiday season with signage to give your sales a boost at the perfect time.

Increase Your Sales and Start Planning Your Holiday Signage

We are entering the most wonderful time of the year. This is when it’s imperative to make the right moves to push your sales in the right direction. Signage should be part of your marketing strategy, as it is one of the most effective marketing tactics of the present world, and it is essential to communicate your holiday offerings to your audience.

The holiday season has three distinctive shopping phases, and you should be planning how to address each on:


This is when you want to start communicating what you bring to the holiday table. During this phase, you’re mostly talking to those early shoppers that like to take care of their holiday shopping ahead of time. The idea you want to transmit is that your business is there for them, especially when they’re choosing the perfect gifts.

You can start subtly communicating with your audience about a month in advance. Make sure you approach this in a very soft, laid back kind of way. As you get closer to Thanksgiving, you can start talking about your deals and promotions.

Holiday season offers

Thanksgiving, Black Friday into Mid December

Thanksgiving is quite an anticipated holiday, but Black Friday is all the rage. Tons of crazy discounts coming at you in a stampede that lasts 24 hours. A countdown to Thanksgiving is a great way to build anticipation and stimulate the shopping gene. You can implement that with a talk about why your product is the best.

Christmas Craze

This last phase is directed to costumers who are still trying to find their gifts or those who forgot about it. It’s a great moment to promote gift cards and promote unconventional presents.

You still have time to plan a solid marketing strategy that will have customers rushing through the door. At Summit Custom Signs, we’ve got your back during this and every season, and we have plenty of products for you to choose from. Get a free estimate today!

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