Car wraps are amazingly useful additions we can put on our cars. They are incredibly flexible and adaptable. Car wraps can easily enhance an old car or boost the profits of business when used for commercial purposes. It is also a popular safety tool in areas such as Colorado where the weather changes drastically and in unpredictable ways. Car wraps work as a barrier that protects the original paint of your car from the weather elements and toxic contaminants.

After a harsh winter, like the recent one, it is probable that your car wrap or graphics suffered a little bit. Therefore, as the sun starts shining again, it is a great moment to take advantage and run a spring car maintenance check-up.

Washing your car wrap safely

Spring car wrap maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to check and update your vehicle fleet commercial wrap.

Spring is the perfect time to deeply clean your car at the same time you give to its structure and vinyl wrap a proper inspection. Look for any sign of deterioration or damage. It is also essential to wash your car and graphics wrap, gently. Otherwise, you can damage it as well.

Avoid using power pressure to wash your car. It is recommended instead to hand wash it with clean water and mild soap. It takes time, but it is also vital to go underneath and remove all the salt, mud, grime, and other contaminants packed on the car undercarriage. Leaving behind any remnants can cause both vinyl wrap and car paint to corrode.

Once, your car and the graphics wrap are clean, take a closer look and search for signs of damage or deterioration. Pay special attention to scratches, lifted edges, faded designs, wrap glossiness or anything that requires a hand.

Fixing and replacing car wraps

If you notice any damages on your car wrap or if you think it is time to update your business vehicle fleet commercial wrap, don’t hesitate and take advantage of the season. Contact Summit Custom Signs and install a new striking, fresh, and powerful commercial wrap.

In the business world, innovation is everything, and a brand new business graphic on your vehicle fleet will convey a solid corporate image. Also, you are getting 24/7 non-stop branding and advertising that has the advantage of being mobile, taking your corporate image everywhere. Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective, affordable, and versatile advertising tools in the industry. Therefore, they deserve proper care.

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