Going green is the way to go for your business to succeed this year. As more people and businesses are aware of the environmental impact commercial activities and manufacturing processes generate, tendencies are leading to a more responsible and sustainable market. Customers are becoming extremely well-informed and demanding. People are concerned about the planet and showing that your brand is environmentally conscious and friendly, is a great way to catch new and faithful customers.

To become eco-friendly or an environmentally conscious business, you need to answer to several steps and procedures like recycling, reducing your wastes, and power consumption. Once you start making the difference, you will notice the results not only in the way potential customers perceive your brand but also on your ROI. However, it is essential to show the world that you are making these efforts and you care about the environment too, and there is no better way to do so, than using promotional eco-friendly products.

Benefits of eco-friendly giveaways

Eco-friendly giveaways

Recycled pens are a great eco-friendly giveaways alternative.

Eco-friendly promotional products are giveaways that are not only made of recycled or biodegradable materials but also the way they are manufactured answers to several regulations and requirements that ensure the impact on the environment is positive or as minimal as possible. Eco-friendly products are usually smart alternatives to traditional items made of toxic materials like plastics — for instance, a recycled tote bag.

Printing your logo, brand or name on high quality, eco-friendly promotional items, is a great way to establish your brand for a long time, while yelling to the world, “hey, we care too!”. People love to feel supported on their ideas and goals, and our planet’s health is a worldwide concern. Besides, at Summit Customs, we have noticed a radical increase in eco-friendly giveaways in the last years, becoming one of the most popular choices in promotional products.

Popular eco-friendly products

The most popular choices in promotional giveaways are usually the items that are useful, long-lasting and cool designed. With eco-friendly promotional items, there is no difference, but the secret relies on the materials they are made of. For instance, there are a wide range of tote bag options today, not only in sizes but the materials as well. A resistant, recycled tote bag will always be an attractive eco-friendly giveaway choice.


Having a healthy planet is part of owning a healthy lifestyle. People are becoming more aware and attached to providing eco-friendly fitness promotional products. Consider reusable water bottles. There are multiple options in materials and styles that are not only useful but also stylish.

When it comes to eco-friendly promotional items, the options are extensive, and the list is getting bigger. Contact Summit Customs Signs today, and we will gladly help you on your eco-friendly promotional giveaway needs.

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