All advertisers understand that the main power of promotional giveaways relies on how useful and practical they are to potential customers daily. The more valuable your promotional items are, the longer your brand will be on your potential client’s hand.
A common and useful tactic advertisers use when selecting their promotional products is to keep in mind the upcoming season. Considering how the weather is expected to behave could provide leverage on your giveaway selection. If lousy winter weather is to continue then it is actually a great moment to take out all those promotional items you thought you wouldn’t be using anymore.

Popular winter promotional items

The rule of thumb is functionality. The more practical and useful your promotional giveaways are, the more effective they will be. The winter season has already shown us its ruthless power, and providing a giveaway that comes to the rescue at the right moment could boost your brand awareness and incomes drastically.
Here are some of the most useful and popular winter promotional items that could come to your potential customers’ aid.

Ice scrapers and snow brush

Season promotional items

Selecting promotional items according to the season is essential.

These are great options and basically a must for any Colorado citizen or area with similar conditions. The chances of finding your car doors frozen shut are quite big, and a branded ice scraper could become your best friend.

Cold weather apparel

Scarves, fleece jackets, beanie caps, socks, sweaters, gloves, even blankets can become excellent promotional items during harsh cold months.

Chapstick and lotion

Cold and dry weather will hurt your skin and lips. Providing your customers with lip balm, chapstick or lotion, will make their day better.

Hand sanitizer

It is funny how many doubt the appealing power of hand sanitizer, but during cold months it is a great giveaway. People are more prone to flu and other bacterial diseases during winter and cold weather months. Hand sanitizers will become a great tool. Besides, it can be used to unfreeze keyholes.
Remember to consider your tradeshow or event needs and goals. Contact Summit Customs, and we will help on your promotional items selection.

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