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No doubt that 2018 was an exciting and profitable year for the marketing and promotional items industry. In January at Summit Customs, we analyzed how promotional items and giveaways worked during 2018. An outstanding year for the promotional industry, according to the Promotional Products Association International, 2018 showed a sales growth of 5.9 percent compared to the year before.

After methodically and carefully going over our data at Summit Customs, we have put together our expectations and predictions for the promotional products industry in 2019. Before, we share with you this vital information it is vital to keep in mind that all businesses are different and according to your brand, services, key moments, campaign, products and goals, some giveaways might work better than others. In fact, in some cases, a specific product regardless of how popular it is, might not work at all for you. Now let’s dive into Summit Customs’ 2019 promotional items trend predictions.

Analyzing 2018 Giveaways Market

Even though some of the promotional products that were popular in 2018, will not have the same effect on consumers’ behavior during 2019, as they change radically fast. Nonetheless, after keeping close track of our data, we have detected particular areas where we can expect that they will still be popular, as we have confirmed a rising interest in sectors such as fitness and well-being, social and environmental concern, and productivity.

Of course, some businesses are very exclusive as well as their target audience. However, generally speaking, just like during 2018, for 2019 we can expect that a considerable segment of potential customers overall, are Millennials and Gen Zers. Therefore, your patterns, colors, and designs should be focused on these population segments. Bright, vivid colors and cool textures ruled in 2018, and we can expect that it will behave in the same way during 2019.

2019 Promotional Items Trends

Technology, eco-friendly and fitness are the most popular giveaways trends.

Popular promotional items outlook for 2019


In the first place, we have to have eco-friendly and environmental products. These are everything that is not only reusable or recyclable but also all products that are manufactured with eco-friendly procedures and sustainability. Every day more people are looking for alternatives to traditional products and changing to green or eco-friendly products. A recycled notebook, a glass water bottle, organic canvas tote bags, will be better, more attractive and will be received better by potential customers.

Sport and fitness

Today, it is all about balance, and in general people are looking for better ways to stay fit and healthy. Complying with these goals is an excellent way for businesses to say: we care too, we are the same! That personal bondage with your potential customers is priceless.  In 2019, you can take advantage of promotional items like yoga mats, biodegradable and reusable water bottles, caps, shirts, cinch bags or carrying cases.

Wireless technology

Tech is always attractive, and in the mobile ERA, being mobile and wireless is a must. Consider exploiting wireless technology this 2019, in your promotional giveaways. Wireless chargers, Bluetooth earbuds, flash drives, and speakers are extremely attractive and useful for potential customers in general. No doubt these will be great options for 2019 tradeshows and special events.

If you want to know more about great promotional items and how to choose the best for your business, project or event, contact Summit Customs today, and our professional staff will help you with all your promotional giveaway needs.

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