Corporate car wraps on business vehicle fleets are an incredibly useful means of outdoor advertising. They are mobile, displaying your brand and corporate image all over as it travels.  That makes the most affordable, nonstop 24/7 advertising campaign. Commercial fleet wraps are also extremely affordable and versatile, making them a unique opportunity to advertise your products and services.

When winter strikes, most business owners and vehicle fleet managers know the importance of being extra careful with the fleets’ maintenance. Extreme cold and other harsh weather conditions, salty roads, ice, and snow, can quickly wear your car bodywork. A car wrap can add a functional layer of extra protection from these elements. Nonetheless, the wrap itself suffers from these conditions, and it requires special maintenance to keep it glossy and shiny, projecting the proper corporate image.

How to protect your business car wrap?

In the business world, a good first impression is everything. Therefore, your business vehicle fleet should always be in perfect condition, looking great, displaying the correct brand image. Just like winter conditions can harm your vehicle’s bodywork, it can cause serious damages to your car wrap if not taken care of properly.

Keep it clean

Business car wraps

Keep your fleet wrap shiny and glossy during winter.

It is vital to keep your vehicle clean during winter. Even though this means facing nasty cold temperatures. You need to get rid fast of all the snow and ice on your car. Check the mudguards and components underneath your vehicle. Salty snow and mud can be extremely bad for your car’s metal components as well to your car wrap and graphics.

Don’t let it sit

The longer you let snow and ice build up on your car, the harder it will be to remove it and the more probable it damages your business vehicle wrap, especially leaving it to sit overnight. Unattended snow will turn into ice, sticking harder on your vehicle wrap.

Don’t scrap

The harder it becomes to get rid of the snow and ice on your car wrap, the more we are apt to scrap it away. Nonetheless, this is a huge mistake. Be sure that if you try to scrap ice off of your business car wrap, you will peel the wrap off as well. It is recommended using a soft broom or a brush with soft bristles.

It takes a little more of attention than in warm months, but with regular maintenance and following the tips above, your business vehicle fleet wrap will stay in great shape, displaying your brand in a cool and eye-catching way. Contact Summit Customs today and learn more about business wraps and their great benefits.

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