Any sign that advertises your brand is part of the image of your business. Before it’s too late and you need a brand new sign, take care of any maintenance issues promptly and keep your image and your signs in great shape. 

Sign Maintenance Issues That Can’t Wait Till Later

Everyone gets excited when they put up a new sign and most people don’t expect anything to ever happen to it until it does. Even great quality signage will show signs of distress after some time. It might just be little details you need to take care of, but the sooner you do it, the better. Once you notice your sign needs maintenance, time is against you. These are some of the most common sign maintenance issues you should keep an eye out for:

Corrosion and Color Fading

With time and the help of a variety of weather conditions, the color of your sign might start to fade and oxidation starts to happen. Both things affect the look of your sign and give a highly negative impression to your customers.

Hardware Issues

Rust is your sign’s worst enemy because the impact it has goes beyond the aesthetics of your sign. There’s hardware that is responsible for holding your sign in place and when those pieces are corroded, they can become a safety hazard and a true liability for your business. Stay on the safe side of things by giving those oxidized pieces some timely attention.

Common Sign Maintenance Issues

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your sign fixed promptly.

Outdated Information

Would you purposely give your customers a business card with the wrong contact information? Probably not. That’s what outdated info on your sign does for you. There’s no point in spending the big bucks on a fabulous sign that points customers in the wrong direction. Make sure your signs stay up to date with your business’ latest information. If you anticipate having to change your info in a frequent manner, vinyl signs might be the best alternative as they are easier to update.

Failed Illumination

High level design doesn’t do much for you if your sign presents lighting issues. Visibility is one of the most important things you don’t want to compromise here. Make sure your sign is properly lit at all times and make it easy for your customers to notice you.

Give Your Signs Some TLC

A sign in poor conditions gives people the wrong idea about your business. Sign maintenance should be a preventive measure more than a corrective one. This way you make sure you give people a good impression about your business and avoid costlier repairs. At Summit Custom Signs, we specialize in keeping your signs looking like new. If you’re looking for sign repair and maintenance services in Colorado, give us a call or get a free estimate today.


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