The crazy shopping sprees are right at the starting line. Potential customers of all sorts are ready to throw big bucks all over, on the best sales, promotions, and attractive discounts as they find them. As a business owner, you want and need to be part of this shopping frenzy. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that your commercial outdoor sign is in great shape, catching potential Xmas shoppers’ attention.

Maintenance routine

Just like any other critical business assessment, commercial signage needs regular maintenance.  Nonetheless, it is an element many Colorado business owners tend to fail to pay enough attention to it. Leading to expensive repairs or even worst, making their sign less effective than it used to be. Remember that business signs are a reflection of your company and a poor looking sign will provide a poor corporate image.

Check the basics

Winter sign maintenance

Sign maintenance during winter is essential to catch Xmas shoppers!

You are just in time to check your signage and contact the best signage company in Colorado to help you put it back in shape before the shopping sprees begin. Summit Customs has the tools, staff, expertise, and talent to transform your old, worn out, business sign, into a fresh, unique, and striking commercial sign.

Check your signs front face and look for signs of deterioration, like peeling paint, scratches, faded colors, blimps or any other element of decline.


If you can reach your signage, check its structure for any signs of rust or corrosion. Look for any missing or loose screws, hinges or any other essential elements. Remember safety always comes first.

If you don’t have a ladder or just can’t reach your outdoor sign, don’t run any unnecessary risks, contact a professional sign company to take care of the task. At Summit Customs you can easily set up a maintenance visit.

Electric system

The electric system of illuminated signs is vital to be in shape, especially, before the harsh winter strikes. Check for any peeled wires or any thing that seems to be wearing. If you notice any burned bulbs, replace them immediately. This way your sign will look great and shinny. Contact Summit Custom Signs today, and get your commercial sign ready for the Holidays!

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