Business and commercial signs are excellent advertising alternatives to make a clear and powerful statement about your services and products to potential and old faithful customers. Therefore, we want them to be striking, creative, elegant and sophisticated. A great way to achieve this – besides, of course, its accurate design – is by adding a lighting system.

Illuminated business signs are extremely effective. For interior purposes, they can give a waiting or meeting room that solid, confident image you wish to imprint in your client’s mind during those strategic moments. In the outdoors, they can send to your customers a 24\7 shining reminder that your business is always ready and at their service.

Today, the signage market offers a wide range of signage and lighting options, and the only way to choose the most accurate for you is by doing an extensive in-house research of your business and needs. You need to consider what your business stands for and the message you wish to convey, as well as the location in which it is going to be placed. You need to consider if it is an outdoor or indoor signage and, of course, its shape design and colors. This information can help you explain better to a professional what you want and need, so he or she can come up with options and solutions that best suit your needs.

Signage illumination alternatives

Neon Signs

This is a classic signage option. Neon illuminated signs give a timeless and traditional feel to your signage. They are flexible for the creative mind, as they are maneuverable and come in a wide spectrum of colors. Neon signs are also cost-effective.

Illuminated business signsLight Box Signs

Light box signs are great for retail settings, airports, and hospitals, as they allow your business to integrate words and images. They are vibrant and eye-catching. Its backlit feature makes it an excellent alternative when combining important information with exciting images.

LED Signs

LED Signs are extremely adaptable, as they have the ability to adjust messaging as needed. They are excellent night signage options, keeping your message fresh and visible. LED signs are also energy-efficient, which is beneficial to businesses operating after dark.

Backlit Displays

Backlit displays can be found everywhere, from public institutions to shopping malls. Basically, their flexibility makes them pretty popular among customers. They are an easy way to creatively display things like your business’s logo or message.

Remember that only after going over your needs and objectives will you be able to decide the best option for you. Keep in mind that a professional will always have a better idea of what to look for and how to solve any issue.

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