Investing in signage care is not a waste of money, but a way to protect your image and how clients perceive you.

The Importance of Timely Sign Maintenance

Have you ever seen a sign with broken down lights that keep you from being able to read the text properly? From a marketing standpoint, signage failure conveys a lack of professionalism and neglect towards their own brand. After all, signs are part of a company’s image, and just like companies care about dress code and how it supports the image they want to portray, signage maintenance should be on the same priority list.

The Importance of Timely Sign MaintenanceA sign is like a business card. Take care of your image by providing proper care to your signs. Don’t let your sign turn into a signage failure. If your sign is starting to look like it needs to be spruced up a bit, it might be time for maintenance. Here are 3 things you should stay on top of to help extend the life of your sign:

  • Keep an eye on the cleanliness of your sign. Ideally, it should be cleaned periodically to get rid of dirt and mold. Also, give it a quick check every now and then to make sure it hasn’t been destroyed by animals.
  • Be consistent with keeping the light bulbs in good shape and replace them as soon as they need to be replaced.
  • Call for maintenance as soon as you find rust or any other type of problem related to weather.

Give Your Signs Some TLC

At Summit Custom Signs in Colorado Springs, we specialize in sign repair, sign maintenance and sign restoration. No matter how old your sign is, we’ll keep it looking like not a single day has gone by. If it were up to us, all signs in Colorado would look like new. Do you want to treat yours to an anti-aging treatment?  Give us a call today.

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