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As 2018 has reached its end, it is always important and interesting to analyze how your customers reacted to different campaigns and marketing key moments. Keeping track of your customers’ radical consumer behavior changes can allow you to be one step ahead in the quest to succeed in your next year’s commercial goals. Therefore, after analyzing our most popular and bestseller promotional items, we have put together a list of 2018 top giveaway trends.

Popular Giveaway trends

Before hitting our popular promotional items list, it is always essential to keep in mind, that depending on your business goals, products, services, and target audience, between many other elements to consider, some giveaway gifts can work better than others. You should find the best of your potential customers, environment, and goals to determine which promotional item is better to achieve your objectives. That being said, we are ready to consider the most popular promotional trends in 2018.

Fitness and wellness

Popular giveaways

Check out 2018 popular giveaway trends

Today, we all want to look, feel and be in great condition. Eating well and regular excising have become extremely important elements for people’s daily routines in general. Supporting these with attractive and useful promotional items is telling your customers: “We care as well” and “we care for you”. You can build that close and personal relationship with your potential customers with custom and personalized water bottles, armband phones, yoga mats, carrying cases, stress balls, and dumbbell stress relievers have reported amazing results in 2018.


People love tech. Especially if it is useful, durable and free! Wireless products, power banks, flash drives, speakers, or earplugs, have been reported as high engaging products. Placing your brand on these daily use giveaways will keep it present in their minds. You can also consider other products that go hand on hand with tech gadgets, such as microfiber cloths or mouse pads.

Eco-friendly products

Just like the popularity of being fit and healthy, consumers’ behavior has bent to the environment protection. Therefore, taking advantage of products manufactured sustainably, that are eco-friendly or biodegradable, have become extremely attractive, while placing your brand on an environmentally conscious level. You can yell to the world that you care too, with non-woven tote bags, recycled or runestone notebooks, aluminum sports bottles, wood power banks or wood USB flash units.

These promotional products have stood out all year long and can give you excellent leverage to start 2019 marketing strategy. Remember always to analyze first your target audience and goals. At Summit Custom Signs, we are ready to provide the best promotional product guidance to suggest the ones that best suit your goals. Contact Us today!

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