Every year, Colorado citizens and business owners have to deal with hailstorms. A single average 2-inch hailstone that has an estimated falling speed of 60 mph, can easily pound deep dents on roofs, hoods, smash windows and windshields. Imagine what it could do to your business customs vehicle fleet wraps.

In the fierce business world, getting a clean, reliable, secure and attractive first impression is vital. Arriving at a business meeting or tradeshow with a dented, scratched or color faded branded vehicle fleet will display a poor image of your company. Even if you try to be on top of the weather forecast, the truth is, you never know when a hailstorm will hit. At Summit Custom Signs, we have seen some severely damaged business wraps after a heavy hailstorm. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared.

Avoid hail from destroying your car wrap

Keep your business wrap shinny

Parking your car inside a garage will protect from hailstorms.

Keeping your vehicle fleet under a covered garage is the best way to protect it from hailstones destructive power. However, if you don’t have enough room to keep your entire fleet inside a garage, consider using carports. If you can’t afford to buy enough carports for your entire fleet, at least use a car cover. There are some car covers specially designed for hailstorms and even though these are not as strong as a metal carport, it could represent a good and affordable option.

Falling tree branches or hailstones can easily damage your business wrap design, but a good car cover will work as a protective shield. Experts recommend using a waterproof, breathable car cover. This could help with reducing or even preventing any damages. You can also put large blankets inside the cover to add extra protection. Place your car floor mats on top of the roof and hood in order to minimize any possible damages.

One step ahead

Hailstorms usually strike about 20 minutes after a thunderstorm appears. So, if you are aware that a hailstorm is near, try to look for immediate shelter and wait until the storm is over. If you do not have time to get prepared and find yourself all-of-a-sudden driving in the middle of a hailstorm, try to drive facing the hailstorm or away from it. Windshields are way stronger than side windows.

Look fast for a covered parking lot and wait there until the storm is over. If you can’t find one, you can try parking beside tall buildings. This way the building may work as a barrier. Finally, try placing your car floor mats on top of the roof and hood in order to minimize any possible damages.

If you notice any damages on your corporate vehicle fleet, don’t hesitate to contact Summit Custom Signs today. Our experts will take care of the situation and in no time your car will be on the road again, projecting your brand everywhere it goes.

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