In marketing, first impressions are everything. This statement couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to the fierce and ruthless trade show world. Having your brand presence at trade shows is not enough to catch new potential customers, partners and increasing your ROI, you need to stand out with class, creativity, and uniqueness. At Summit Customs, we understand how important is a well-designed customs trade booth, when it comes to succeeding in your trade show goals.

At Summit Customs we put together what we considered will be this years2 trade booth trends to look for. So, grab your coffee and let your imagination loose, as we go over the different styles and ideas of what you will find at the most popular trade shows this year.

A sensorial world

Humans are sensorial, and you can expect to see in 2019 new trade booths exploiting not only the traditional sense in marketing like hearing and seeing but all of the five human senses. That’s right, during 2018 you could see a lot of sensorial experiences, taking advantage of textures, smells and tastes to provide a more social and customer centric atmosphere. You can expect to see a lot more of that during 2019.

A creative and custom trade booth design can help exploit your visitors senses to provide a more personal, familiar and unique experience, engaging your brand directly with your potential customers.

Personal comfort

Trade booth banners

Banners are great alternatives to strengthen your trade booth.

Once again, providing a unique experience to a visitor is what you can expect in 2019 trade shows. This includes providing a personal space on your trade booth, like a lounge to relax or a meeting room to close the deal you began while friendly relaxing and sharing at the lounge with your visitors. The longer visitors stay at your booth, more significant are the chances of closing a good deal or catching a new customer.


Taking advantage of the latest tech gadgets will always be a sure bet at trade shows. You can expect a lot of this during 2019, especially interactive technology like touch screens, gaming and of course, virtual reality. VR in a trade booth has become a favorite and will stay like that during 2019. VR provides a unique and creative approach to your products and services. Besides, it always keeps that mystic suspense of what people are experiencing behind those goggles.

Right trade booth for your business

It doesn’t matter how you wish to approach and reach your potential customers, marketing goals or needs, at Summit Customs Signs, we can create any custom trade booth design that you require. Our extensive options go from:

  • 8-foot trade show display
  • 10-foot trade show display
  • 20-foot trade show display
  • banner trade show stands
  • hanging trade show signs
  • hybrid trade show displays
  • island trade show displays
  • pop up trade show displays
  • portable trade show displays
  • shelf trade show displays
  • table-top trade show displays

Contact Us today, and get ready to go beyond your goals and expectations in 2019 trade shows.

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