When starting a new business or setting up a new shop office or building, it is as important to promote effectively your brand as it is essential to comply with all permits and requirements. This includes ADA compliant signage.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. Restaurants, schools, museums, public office buildings, retail and social service establishments, both public and private, they all must abide by ADA guidelines for approved code-compliant signage. This way, you will be helping to remove barriers for people with disabilities.

How to comply with ADA regulations?

It is stated that more than 2.5 million Americans suffer from visual impairment and other types of disabilities. The ADA or American Disabilities Act regulates signage to ensure that people with disabilities have easy access to navigate buildings and communal space.

At Summit Custom Sign Company, we provide the proper resources and products needed to follow the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, and here are some guidelines to help properly install ADA Signage.

ADA Signage

Learn ADA sign principles


It is important to use high contrast colors and brailed textures to help seniors, the visually impaired and blind find their way through your building. ADA compliant signage requires a non-glare finish and adequate contrast between the background and character colors. Use a sans serif typestyle to be ADA code compliant. It is also vital to have a tactile sign next to each door inside a stairwell. These signs should identify the floor level, stair level, and exit level.


ADA signs should be mounted on the same visual plane, no matter its size or shape. Install its baseline between 48 inches at the lowest point to 60 inches at the highest point. This allows signs of different sizes to be mounted on the same visual plane.
When installing overhead ADA signage, it is important to mount it at least 80 inches above the floor. Remember signs should not interfere with or block any door function, emergency equipment or sprinklers.


It is recommended to install ADA Signs on the latch side of the door when mounting them on the walls. If there is no free space on that wall, the sign may be mounted on the nearest adjacent wall.

For single doors, try to install the ADA sign next to a door on the latch side. For double doors with two active leaves, try to install it at the right of the right-handed door. On one active leaf – double doors, the sign should be located on the inactive leaf.

These tips should get you on your way with proper ADA Signage installation. However, it is also important to check local code authority, regarding size and any other important requirements. If you have any further questions regarding ADA signs, Summit Custom Signs can help with designing, developing and installing your ADA Signage. Contact us today and learn everything you need to know.

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