Yard signs are a great and affordable way to bring in potential local customers, especially when they are just walking or driving by. They are excellent outdoor sign options to announce an event, a sale (garage, real estate, etc.) or to promote yourself or your business to others. A high-quality lawn sign creates awareness throughout your community and neighborhood.

Making your yard sign eye-catching

Just like any other effective business sign, your yard sign should catch attention in the blink of an eye. Keep in mind people might walk and drive by, so it should be placed correctly and it should be big enough to be visible to drivers and pedestrians. Anything smaller than 11″x 17″ might be too hard to see when driving past. It is also important to consider the word size, typo, and the information on it. The message should be striking, clear, and simple. Try to use contrasting colors between the text and the background. Remember the letter should be easy to read.

Effective yard signs

Customs yard and outdoor sign options.

When to use a Yard Sign?

Yard signs are excellent and popular options for:

  • Birthday yard signs
  • Contractor yard signs
  • Custom yard signs
  • Directional yard signs
  • Garage sale yard signs
  • Graduation yard signs
  • Political yard signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Wedding signs
  • Yard sale signs

A professional sign designer will be able to combine all of these and other essential elements while projecting the essence of your brand and services. After decades of providing the best commercial sign services, at Summit Customs we have learned how versatile, practical, affordable and useful yard signs can be. We pride ourselves in quickly creating custom yard signs at an affordable price. From an I-frame to an H-frame design and with a variety of possible sizes, we’re sure to have the lawn sign you’re looking for.

Contact Summit Customs today and learn everything related to Yard and commercial signs. We will gladly walk you through the whole designing and installation process.

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