Make Your Boat Stand Out from the Rest with Custom Wraps

Boat wraps and decals reflect your style and give visibility to your boat. Today’s technology allows you to personalize your boat using waterproof materials that will last longer. Boat decals and lettering are perfect for customizing your boat.  

shark vinyl

No matter if you are a leisure boat fanatic or a professional, you can give your boat a makeover with our graphics!

Decorate your boat with a unique name and original decal with Summit Custom Sign Companywhich offers you a variety of designs and lettering in Colorado Springs. Just let us know your idea, and we will help you with the graphics. There are so many options to choose from – fonts, colors, sizes, images, effects, designs – and all of them come guaranteed.  

Our products were created to last. They are resistant to drastic weather changes, UV rays, and salt or fresh water. We only use the highest quality materials like high-performance vinyl that resists fading and cracking. Besides, we are always looking forward to innovating our designs, and every decal is created based on the particular customer’s needs and desires.

How to Promote Your Sponsorship or Company’s Brand in Colorado Springs


Workboats such as military agencies, tour operators, commercial diving, or private sportfishing will benefit from our products. Boats with printed advertisements are the most common method for promoting a sponsorship and a company’s brand. For example, for a sportfishing company, an image or lettering of the type of boat and the type of fish they catch would help improve their marketing.

Summit Custom Sign Company offers you quality products, maintenance services, and affordable prices. We specialize in creating, producing, and installing boat wraps or decals. Just tell us about your project, no matter if it is big or small; we’ll work it out for you. Ask us for a free estimate!

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