Designing an attractive sign is an art. Knowing what goes achieving that could be the key to a successful marketing move.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Great Sign?

The purpose of a sign is to have significant impact on your customers in order for your sales to increase. That means that you’re betting on a sign to improve your business’ ability to influence your audience. Sounds like a tough task, no? Great sign design can make it easier.

If you want to know the secret to killer sign design, consider these elements at your next brainstorming session.

Attractive Colors

A huge part of the recognition of a brand lies on its color. So, the first thing you want to consider is that the colors you’re choosing represent your business. You want to convey your brand’s identity through color, not confuse your audience with something that does not relate to your brand. Also, if you’re leaning towards trendy colors, you should know they are not a safe bet. All trends go out of style.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Great Sign?Maximum Readability

What’s the point of having a sign that no one can read? Contrast is key. Make sure you’re using background colors that don’t compete with your font color, otherwise, your sign could turn into an eyesore.

Clear Message

Now that you’ve made sure people can read your sign, you also want to ensure they can understand it. The message is like the main course when it comes to sign, it’s the most important part. Whatever you decide to communicate must be easy to understand. A nice sign that doesn’t make sense will not do your brand any justice.


Defining a good location is pivotal to the success of your sign. Find a place where your sign is clearly exposed to your target audience and somewhere it can be easily acknowledged.

Graphic Design That Will Set You Apart

When you’re working with incredibly skilled professionals, you can rest assured in knowing you’ll get a great sign. That is a certainty we want to provide to you. At Summit Custom Signs in Colorado Springs, our team of highly skilled is ready to jump aboard any of your projects and give you top of the line results. Get a free estimate on your next project today.

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