Starting a new business is quite a challenge. There is so much to go over and to invest that is common that in order to lower the budget a little bit, we all try to get in charge of almost everything we think we can handle. The most creative ones believe they can handle all the designing concepts of their industry, including their business signs. However, even the most talented and imaginative person tends to make very common mistakes because of their lack of experience. The problem is that making even the simplest mistake regarding your business sign could make it invisible to potential customers.

Principle failures

When designing their own business signs, people tend to fail in the font selection, color combination, or even the location. All of these problems – and much more – can be easily fixed with professional help. However, if you insist on going solo with your project, it is better to consider the following observations.

Signage design

It is important to consider the sign’s location, size, and colors.

Signage color and contrast

No matter how bad graphic designers insist on the subject, there isn’t really an accurate color formula or established psychology of a color chart. People react to colors depending on their cultural knowledge and their own experience. Therefore, is possible that for some people, white color could resemble peace, but it will bring others’ their worst memories back to life.

So, if after analyzing certain colors, you believe they represent well the message you wish to convey through your signage, go for it! However, avoid using too many colors, and try to use contrasting colors between your text and background. Otherwise, it will be hard or even impossible to read or understand it. It works the same way with dark and light tones. Of course, black and white go great together, but you can find other combinations of warm and cold colors, such as yellow and blue.

Signage sizing

When it comes to determining your signage size, and the size of the letters and elements in it, you need to think of where is it going to be located, as well as how far and fast potential customers will be seeing it. Remember, they need to be able to see your sign in a matter of seconds. They need to understand it and decide if they want or need to do anything with your business.

Signage location

This is a very common mistake and it could blow up your whole investment. Consider everything surrounding your business, such as traffic, trees, bushes, and anything else you believe can become an obstacle between your signage and your customers.

Last, but not least, always double-check everything. You don’t want to suddenly realize three months after your grand opening that your business name is misspelled or there is a wrong figure in your company’s phone number.

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